Month: October 2017

Finish-A-Long Quarter 4-2017

arrow-topFinish-a-long Quarter 4

So, I did complete a few things last quarter and not post them! I should do that for my own records, especially since one of them was my lovely seagulls quilt I’m quite proud of. I did move several other projects forward as well.

Completed last quarter: Lemonade Jug Rug, Sewing Illustration Trio, Star Pincushion, Seagull Mini Quilt

Goals for Quarter 4

  1. Liberty Pincushion- Current state: Top pieced
  2. Modern Hexies Pincushion- Current state: Top prepped and fabrics cut
  3. Christmas Economy Block Quilt- Current state: Blocks from group and myself made, make 6-12 more!
  4. Halloween Trivets-Current state: 3 rounds pieced, all pieces cut
  5. Emerson’s Baby Quilt Current state: Top is put together! and cut the batting! I made progress on this last quarter, but did not finish it. Next up, cut the backing and set it up for quilting!
  6. Emerson’s Lined Drawstring bag: Current state: Pieces are cut
  7. Lined Drawstring bag for shoes- Current state: Pieces cut
  8. Teacup Tea Mats-Current state: All pieces cut, tea cups are stitched down and they just need to be sewn and turned! So close!
  9. Out in Nature Mini Quilt- Current state: Pieces embroidered and prepped, about half sewn together
  10. Ducky Embroidery Current state:  Embroidery done, to do hoop and finish!
  11. Bird embroidery Current state: Embroidery half done
  12. Embroidered flower bag Current state: Embroidery done
  13. Homebase Quilt- Bee Hive Swarm Tara Current state: Blocks largely made, but perhaps more will be wanted.
  14. Fizzy Block Quilt Current state:  Blocks made, should make around 4-8 more
  15. Purple Wonky Star Quilt-Current state: 9/9 blocks for original size cut, except background for 2. However, should likely cut 7 more blocks.
  16. Giant Purple Vintage Star Quilt- Take 2- Current state: All HSTs made and trimmed. Need to decide if I am swapping out 2 center HSTs and cut corner squares before assembling the top.
  17. Joyful Airplane Mini Quilt- Current state: Quilt top.
  18. Do Small Things With Great Love Embroidery- Current state: Embroidery done, project undecided.
  19. Embroidered Placemats-Current State: Embroidery done, fabric chosen.
  20. Liberty Placemat Current state: Cut and fusible prepped
  21. Guild Quilt- Current state:  Top done, may add to it.