Month: July 2017

Finish-a-long Quarter 3

Finish-a-long Quarter 3

Alright friends, here we go on Quarter 3! I’m stacking this list with a couple smaller projects I’m currently chugging along nicely on in hopes of having an early finish in the quarter to maintain my momentum from the end of Quarter 2.

Goals for Quarter 2

  1. Emerson’s Baby Quilt Current state: Top is put together! and cut the batting! I made progress on this last quarter, but did not finish it. Next up, cut the backing and set it up for quilting!
  2. Emerson’s Lined Drawstring bag: Current state: Pieces are cut
  3. Teacup Tea Mats-Current state: All pieces cut, tea cups are fused
  4. Lemonade Jug Rug- Current state:  All pieces cut and fused, to do pick binding
  5. Sewing Illustration Trio of Pincushions- Current state: Ready to fill with walnut shells
  6. Star Pincushion- Current state: Ready to fill with walnut shells
  7. Out in Nature Mini Quilt- Current state: Pieces embroidered and prepped, about half sewn together
  8. Ducky Embroidery Current state:  Embroidery done, to do hoop and finish!
  9. Bird embroidery Current state: Embroidery half done
  10. Embroidered flower bag Current state: Embroidery done and
  11. Homebase Quilt- Bee Hive Swarm Tara Current state: Blocks largely made, but perhaps more will be wanted.
  12. Fizzy Block Quilt Current state:  Blocks made, should make around 4-8 more
  13. Purple Wonky Star Quilt-Current state: 9/9 blocks for original size cut, except background for 2. However, should likely cut 7 more blocks.
  14. Giant Purple Vintage Star Quilt- Take 2- Current state: All HSTs made and trimmed. Need to decide if I am swapping out 2 center HSTs and cut corner squares before assembling the top.
  15. Seagull Mini Quilt- Current state: Basted and ready for quilting! This really needs to get done…I want to gift it next week…
  16. Joyful Airplane Mini Quilt- Current state: Quilt top.
  17. Do Small Things With Great Love Embroidery- Current state: Embroidery done, project undecided.
  18. Embroidered Placemats-Current State: Embroidery done, fabric chosen.
  19. Liberty Placemat Current state: Cut and fusible prepped
  20. Guild Quilt- Current state:  Top done, may add to it.