A Finish A Long Finish! Hooray!

A Finish A Long Finish! Hooray!

Earlier this week I actually finished something on my FAL 2017 list for the 2nd quarter. Given that I’ve never been successful in the FAL, I am quite excited.

My first finish was paired with a second finish that is a surprise for a friend, so even though it is just one finish for the FAL, it is two for me!

I finished my Liberty Needlebook, using the needlebook pattern by Amy Sinibaldi and the adorable sewing machine on the cover is from Minki Kim’s Sew Illustrated book.

Needlebook Front

This was my first go at sewing illustration back in January. I have previously done some simpler sewing illustration for lavender sachets, but I was still kinda nervous. This was fun and way easier than expected.

The back of the needlebook was actually sewn together in Spring 2016 as I cut many teeny tiny liberty squares for the nanacompany swap. At the time, I intended to circle back and make a needlebook for myself when I was done with the swap and that…is still accurate if a bit later than intended.

Needlebook Back

I love the scrappy Liberty feel. I also almost always make liberty projects for others rather than myself, so it feels awesome to actually have made something for me!

This week when I was determined for a finish, I naturally decided to make my life more complicated and decorate the pages of my needlebook and the surprise one for a friend. What is more helpful to finishing than investing another hour right? The last photo is a top view of the two needlebooks together. I love how stitching the hexies on makes a pattern on the next page too.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well, that’s all for now! Time to document my 2nd finish! Thanks for reading!



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