2nd Finish A Long Finish AND a Christmas item complete in July!

2nd Finish A Long Finish AND a Christmas item complete in July!

On Monday of this week, I was on a roll! I finished two needlebooks and then went on to finish my Christmas pillow, the 2nd item on my FAL 2017 Quarter 2 list! Unlike the needlebooks that started the quarter almost done, this pillow started the quarter as a top. I started this in the winter when I tested the paper pieced version of Alexia Abegg’s Marcelle Medallion center. I had great ambitions of making myself something during the holiday season. Crazy, I know?

I pieced it, but unsurprisingly, finishing something for me during December was not in the picture. Earlier this month, I needed to test out spray basting on something smaller than the baby quilt I bought it to use on, so I pulled out this little project. I kept the quilting fairly simple, tracing elements of the star and then doing some denser line quilting the edges of the pillow. I sometimes find the edges of pillows that aren’t reinforced a bit are more likely to sag as they are used.

detail 2

Detail 1

I’m really in love with the gold word print from Brambleberry Ridge Christmas. I definitely don’t have 3 yards stashed away so I can use it forever and ever. *cough* In general I have a tendency to buy Christmas fabric with great intent to use it to make Christmas fabric wrapping and then…not. So it was good to break into my Christmas fabric stash.

I got stalled at finishing the pillow. I really want to give making a zippered pillow cover a go, but it felt intimidating. This week I just said, I want this done! and did my typical envelope backing instead. I used the snowflake stitch on my machine as an accent, again, as per usual.



Then it was all done! I am not buying  a pillow form yet, as I am moving and I don’t plan to set this pillow out till October or November, but I’ll update with a picture of it in a pillow form then!

Thanks for reading!



Ooh, and just one more photo. Since you’re still here. 😉



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