Day: January 22, 2017

Penny Sampler- Month 1

I’ve just completed my final block for the first month of the Penny Sampler. The Penny Sampler is a Scandanavian-inspired quilt designed by Rachel Hauser of Stitched in Color. The sew-a-long has 3 options, all the instructions at once, over 6 months and over 12 months. I chose 12 months because…let’s be honest here, what is the likelihood I finish this really complex quilt in even 12 months? But this month, this month I am on target!

This month the primary items to accomplish were to decide on on a theme, pick fabrics, and make the first two applique blocks. I had so much fun pulling fabric and Rachel’s lessons on creating a cohesive and interesting set of fabrics was great. I really want nice rich purples, teals, and true blues to sing in this quilt, with a wide range of shades, adding in grey, white, and light blue with pops of yellow and pink. For my focal fabric, I am using the purple unicorn fabric from Lizzy House’s The Lovely Hunt collection, of which a pretty large portion of the purples and blues made it into my final pull. I’m hoping that the end result will be a wintry quilt with a nice range of tone and scale and to cut into some coveted fabrics. I want a decent mix of whimsical and blender fabrics, with lots of cute fussy cut animals. I’m still in the process of obtaining the needed solids because…I’m bad at solids. I just don’t buy them or reach for them instinctively. Isn’t more always better? (Pro tip: not really) With a sampler this large and complex, I am afraid of ending up a VERY BUSY QUILT. So, I shall attempt to follow Rachel’s instructions regarding solids. I hope to order the other fabrics I need for this project later this month, now that a few other projects are ironed out and I can be a good Jenna and combine my fabric orders.


Once I’d settled into my fabrics, I was eager to get sewing! For my first block, I started by playing with the greys and light blues. I adore this bunny fabric so much. I did this block with freezer turn applique to prep the heart and then hand stitched it down. Applique is something I’ve not done much of and almost all of it with fusible, so I’m super excited to learn and get better at the methods we’ll be using for this quilt. I’d never used starch in this way before, which was interesting. I was definitely a bit enthusiastic with the starch initially. But that didn’t seem to effect the final product too badly.


For the 4 heart block I wanted to use one of the few large prints in my pull, another Lovely Hunt print by Lizzy House. I chose to use the grey unicorn print for my “different” heart and cool Blueberry Park prints that echo the colors in the large-scale print for the other three. The basting glue I ordered from Amazon took forever to come, then came the week I was very busy, so the lovelies sat all prepped, but unsewn on a shelf for most of the month. I finally got around to sewing it this evening. I did this block by machine applique with Roxanne’s Glue Baste It and 1 layer of Totally Stable. First time using the glue and it was excellent.


I’m impatiently awaiting next month’s instructions. Based on others’ blocks who are doing the 6 month course, I think next month will include the intense house block. I’m excited. Let’s see if I am still excited once I give that puppy a go though!