Finish-A-Long 2017, Quarter 1

I tried the FAL one quarter last year, but it wasn’t a good time to be quite as ambitious as I was. Hopefully I am not being toooo ambitious this round, but the nice thing about the FAL is that being overambitious is okay! With no further ado, my goals!

Homebase Quilt- Bee Hive Swarm Tara


My beehive quilt from last year. I love the blocks that my hive sent me and a major goal this quarter is make the extra couple blocks I cut, lay it out, figure out if I want it to be bigger and then just finish it up! This may be ambitious for me to quilt on my own, but we shall see.

Current state: Blocks largely made, but perhaps more will be wanted.

Purple Wonky Star Quilt


I started this quilt over a year ago during Cheri’s wonky star quilt along. I was doing really well, even had some blocks cut out in advance, then too many things happened. I’ve cut almost all the blocks now, just need to cut into the extra background fabric I bought and then we’re off to the races…of course, I checked in with my friend and she would love if this quilt were bed sized! Soo…more to cut now! Did I mention that these blocks are 18″ finished?

Current state: 9/9 blocks for original size cut, except background for 2. However, should likely cut 7 more blocks.

Giant Purple Vintage Star Quilt- Take 2


So, this is the finished twin of the quilt I want to finish. I made a quilt for my Aunt in December, but since Jeni Baker of In Color Order’s tutorial can easily result in doubles of the HSTS, I have a pile of HSTs to turn into the quilt take 2. I might switch out two of the center HSTs that have fabrics I think are maybe too light in the end. I want to finish this quilt mostly to practice quilting the wavy lines I used on some of its sister quilt. Tutorial can be found here.

Current state: All HSTs made and trimmed. Need to decide if I am swapping out 2 center HSTs and cut corner squares before assembling the top.

Seagull Mini Quilt


My wife and I made this top together in the summer as a thank you gift for someone who hosted an engagement party. Now 6 months later it isn’t done. Tut tut.

Current state: Basted and ready for quilting!

Joyful Airplane Mini Quilt


Also over a year old as a project, this is a small mini quilt for a friend at work. It would be lovely to gift to her soon!

Current state: Quilt top.

Do Small Things With Great Love Embroidery


I finish embroideries with moderate frequency…then don’t do anything with them. So one of my goals is finish up this embroidery into something lovely for my sewing room. Open to ideas!

Current state: Embroidery done, project undecided.

Embroidered Placemats

I have several embroidered panels that are ready and waiting to become placemats. I would love if at least one, if not all of them successfully became placemats by the end of March!

Current State: Embroidery done, fabric chosen.

Wow, these are awfully ambitious…guess we shall see what gets done!


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